Covid-19 update from The Camogie Association

Public Health Measures Update

The Camogie Association have highlighted key items from the recent (Jan 21st) Government announcement in relation to Public Health Measures.

Key items in relation to sport & physical activity are as follows:

  1. Formal requirements for physical distancing (2m) removed
  2. 8pm closing time for sporting events removed
  3. Capacity restrictions for outdoor sporting events removed
  4. Capacity restrictions for indoor sporting events removed
  5. Seated only spectators at indoor sporting events removed
  6. Use of pods for indoor sporting activities removed
  7. Use of a COVID pass to access indoor events removed

The Government have reiterated the need for ongoing close monitoring of the virus. Sporting bodies should continue to risk assess individual activities and events. This includes the continued implementation of good hygiene practices along with recommending symptomatic individuals do not participate in or attend sporting activities.

  • Mask Wearing: The requirements for mask wearing in settings where currently regulated for will continue until February 28th 2022.
  • Close Contacts: This continues to follow the current advice for those with symptoms, cases and close contacts as announced by the government on 12 January 2022
  • International Travel: Organisations partaking in international sporting activity should continue to monitor the travel requirements both in Ireland and the destination country. Sports should also note that the use of the Digital Certificate will continue for international travel for the immediate future.

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