Player Profile: Megan Gannon

Name: Megan Gannon
Age: 18
Position: Forward/Midfield
Club: Abbeyknockmoy
Occupation: Student

Camogie Honours:
All-Ireland Senior schools title
Junior A Club title 2021

Past time/Hobbies: Soccer: Being active and spending time with family and friends
Pre-Match Rituals: Try to pack my gear bag the night before
Toughest Opponent: Sinead Coleman
Most Memorable Game: Senior schools All Ireland final
Favourite Venue: Abbeyknockmoy
Nickname: Megs
Something We Don’t Know About You: I won 3 All Irelands in one year for set dancing
Favourite Player: Gearoid Hegarty
Biggest Inspiration: My parents

2022 Galway Intermediate camogie team

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