Player Profile: Chloe Farragher

Name: Chloe Farragher
Age: 18
Club: Davitts
Position: Full Forward
Occupation: Student

Camogie Honours:
U16B all Ireland 2017
u14/u16/ minor A club county champions
All Ireland Junior A schools champions

Past Times: Going for a walk with my friends
Pre-Match Rituals: Go on a sunbed the day before. Why? Because if you look good, you’ll feel good and when you feel good you play good and if you play good you win.
Toughest Opponent: Siobhan Coen
Most Memorable Game: The schools Junior A all Ireland final.
Favourite Venue: Duggan Park
Nickname: Chlo
Something We Don’t Know About You: I’m in a music video/ I opened the Christmas concert in Tynagh church in 2015 with Mike Denver.
Favourite Player: Aoife Donohue
Biggest Inspiration: Mags hickey because she’s a proud Davitts woman

Member of 2022 Galway Intermediate camogie team

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