Galway Camogie Lotto

Galway Camogie has teamed up with Clubforce to relaunch our lotto in its online format. The lotto draw runs every fortnight (on a Wednesday evening).

This lotto draw forms a significant part of our annual fundraising efforts, to support the development of camogie throughout Galway, at both club and county level. It offers our fans a way to show support for Galway Camogie and a chance to win some great monetary prizes from as little as a €2 a week. 

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Galway Camogie Lotto Terms and Conditions

1. ALL Sales are online through the Galway Camogie Clubforce App ( – No offline sales are accepted
2. Lotto draws will be held every fortnight on Wednesdays Electronically online or at a local Club in Galway, except for exceptional circumstances.
3. The closing time for entries to purchase draw tickets will be 8.30pm on the day of the draw and subsequent draws.
4. Any 4 numbers are selected by the purchaser from 1 – 32.
5. Match 4 numbers correctly from 1 – 32 to win or share the Jackpot.
6. From 15th June 2022 the Jackpot will be €2,500, increasing incrementally by €100 per fortnight (‘the increment’) up to a maximum of €30,000 until such time as the Jackpot is won.
7. Galway Camogie may decide to increase or decrease the increment at its discretion.
8. Once the Jackpot is won, Galway Camogie will publish a new Jackpot, the value of which will be at its discretion.
9. If two or more correct match 4 entries are received, the Jackpot shall be shared equally.
10. Match 3 numbers correctly from 1-32 to win or share €150. If two or more correct entries received, the match 3 prize of €150 will be shared equally.
11. In the event that the Jackpot is won, match 3 winners will not receive a price in that week.
12. Lucky dips prizes will be sporadic over the course of the year and notification of such draws will be published on Galway Camogie Website and social media channels. Terms and Conditions Will be update once Lucky Dip Prizes are identified.
13. Galway Camogie shall use their best endeavours to ensure that all entries be included in the draw. Each Camogie Club in Galway are responsible to ensure any entries they obtain are returned to Galway Camogie through the Club Force app and appropriate fee paid for inclusion in the draw.
14. If an entry has inadvertently not been returned in time to be included in the draw (due to the fault of any party including the Club, the Club officers and ticket sellers or the participant), that entry or ticket shall be entered in the following week’s draw.
15. Winners will be notified, and results made public.
16. Results as published on the night of the draw are provisional pending further checking of records.
17. Purchaser to retain proof of entry safely until the conclusion of the draw.
18. By purchasing a ticket, the purchaser agrees to allow their name and name of their club were appropriate, to be published in local newspaper, newsletter, Club Website / Facebook / Twitter or other social media outlets as approved by Galway Camogie.
19. Galway Camogie will pay out only on winning tickets that have been entered on time in the draw and have not been deemed void.
20. Galway Camogie reserve the right to regulate and change the prize money.
21. There will be 26 draws each year.
22. If a draw cannot take place on the scheduled day for any reason whatsoever, the draw for that week will take place on the next suitable day.
23. All prizes including the Jackpot must be claimed within 30 days of the relevant draw.
24. If the Jackpot / prizes remain unclaimed after 20 days from the relevant draw date, the Board will use reasonable endeavours to contact you. However, if for any reason the Board are unable to contact you, the Jackpot / prizes not claimed within the 30-day period, will be forfeited and the unclaimed Jackpot / prize money shall be utilised by the Board.
25. The decision of the Board shall be binding on all matters relating to the Lotto draw and they may add or amend the rules herein as they deem necessary for proper conduct of the draw. The decision of the Board is final.
26. By purchasing a ticket, the purchaser agrees to abide by these terms and conditions.
27. Licence granted by the District Court

Privacy Policy

GDPR: Participant details
Participants details shall only be retained for the duration of their lotto entry and extended time to facilitate contacting the winner. Please read our Privacy Policy for full details on GDPR compliance at

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