Galway Camogie signs “ground-breaking” €250,000 sponsorship deal with Westerwood Global

“This is a very substantial deal which recognises the commercial value of camogie in its own right, and it sets a new benchmark for sponsorship in the sport.”

– Brian Griffin, Chairman of Galway County Camogie Board

Galway County Camogie Board (Galway Camogie) has agreed a ground-breaking sponsorship deal with Westerwood Global. The deal will be formally launched in Galway at the end of January.

Under the deal which will run for five years, Westerwood Global will pay Galway County Camogie Board €250,000 to secure sponsorship rights including branding rights for all
county camogie teams including the Senior County Team who are current All Ireland champions.

Westerwood Global will pay €250,000 to secure sponsorship rights including:

  • Westerwood Global will be the jersey sponsor for all county camogie teams from Under 14 to the Senior County Team who are current All Ireland champions.
  • The Westerwood Global logo will feature on the camogie jerseys of each of the county teams (adult and juvenile) as well as on relevant county leisure wear, training gear and kit bags.
  • Westerwood Global will have branding rights for interview backdrops controlled by Galway Camogie and on various promotional materials including social media channels, programes, magazines, brochures, and advertisements.

Westerwood Global is an Irish company headquartered in Maynooth. The company provides manufacturing and maintenance support services across the globe to manufacturers in high tech industries like semiconductors and pharmaceuticals. It was founded in 2000 by Basil Holian who played at county minor level with Galway hurling teams and also with his native Athenry club.

Brian Griffin, Chairman of Galway Camogie County Board, described the deal with Westerwood Global as “ground-breaking”. He said, “what is different about this deal is that it has been conceived and negotiated as a stand-alone deal for camogie in Galway. We believe it is the first significant sponsorship for a county that recognises the substantial commercial value of camogie in its own right, and it sets a new benchmark for the sport.”

Griffin said the county board would use the investment to support camogie across the county. He said, “Women’s sport is transforming. A few years ago, our ambition for sponsorship was to be able to defray the costs of jerseys and kits for our teams. Now we will have substantial sums of money to invest directly to support camogie across the county. Every girl and young woman who plays camogie in Galway will benefit from this deal. It transforms our ambitions for the coming years.”

Geoffrey Stoddart, Commercial Director with Westerwood Global, said: “Like us Galway camogie is committed to excellence, diversity, equality and success so this was a perfect opportunity for us to give something back by enabling these players to compete at the highest level and by supporting the growth of camogie across Galway.”

About Westerwood Global:

Established in 2000, Westerwood Global is one of the leading providers of managed service solutions to manufacturing technology companies in Europe and the US. The firm is focussed on areas like semiconductors and pharmaceuticals, where they are a trusted partner to many of the world’s leading manufacturers, providing innovative and cost-efficient managed solutions.

Westerwood Global is headquartered in Maynooth, Co Kildare, with regional offices in the US states of Arizona, New York, Oregon, and Texas.