Next Lotto Draw, March 6

The next Galway Camogie lotto draw takes place on March 6th with a jackpot of €3,100

Please help support your club and county by entering the lotto.

Thank you for your support of Galway Camogie.

Ticket options

€2 per Line
3 lines for €5 = 1 Draw
1 Line for €10 = 5 Draws
1 Line for €26 = 13 Draws – (1/2 Year)
1 Line for €50 = 25 + 1 Free Draw (26 Draws) (Yearly)

Thank your for your support!

This lotto forms a significant part of our annual fundraising efforts to support the development of camogie throughout Galway, at both club and county level. We welcome all support in this fundraising effort. Show your support for your club and county by purchasing a lotto ticket.

Read Galway Camogie Lotto Terms and Conditions