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Age specific: This phrase can be used for skills, language, actions and equipment. It means that all of these aspects have an appropriate way of doing things dependent on the requirements of the different ages.

Coaching language: This is how you communicate with your players in a simple and understandable way, when explaining the steps in a skill or a game. This can link into age specific coaching also. For example defining the hurley hand and catching hand when teaching the strike.

Rapport: Creating a rapport between you and your players is important in achieving trust. Having an understanding among you and your players built on respect, responsibility and honesty is important for a player and teams harmony.

Games based: This is games or scenarios tailored to replicate a match situation. They can be done in a multitude of ways and address actions such as defending and decision making as well as the execution of skills under fatigue or pressure.

Spotting and fixing: This is when a coach is floating during a game or drill and picks out a player who needs help in the performance and execution of a skill. The coach then goes through the skill with the player.

Evolving: This is pivotal to improving yourself as a coach and the development of your team. As a coach you yourself must be constantly evolving to learn more and try new things. Stagnation as a coach will never unlock your potential. In terms of drills and games it’s important to evolve (add in a pressure or target etc) them to ensure maximum enjoyment and development.

Self assessment: As a coach we must be constantly reviewing and rating how a certain game, drill, performance or training went and putting in the time to think of ways to improve these different areas. Not everything will go right, and that’s ok but by using the tool of reflection or assessment we can improve the areas that need improving.

Community of practice: Within the club and throughout the county there is a a community of people who are happy to help in a variety of ways. Don’t fear asking for help and always look to learn from those around us.

On field development: This is the coaching of skills, actions, game plans and conditioning. It relates to all of the things we do on a pitch during training to improve our players.

Off field development:This relates to creating a healthy environment or lifestyle for our players. It contains aspects such as nutrition, sleep, recovery and positive thinking.

Fundamental movements: This is the basic movements required within sport. It is important to note that the skills we teach all have a corresponding fundamental movement. E.G. we must be able to jump to be able to catch.

Plan, do, review: Plan your session, do your session, review your session (what went well/did not go well) —— do again.

This booklet provides an insight into the most important aspects in the creation of a club academy. It contains a breakdown of the requirements for each age group from a technical, physical and holistic standpoint. This booklet however, it is not suitable for the addition of a list of drills and games that some coaches may have been looking for. We hope this booklet gives a broader view of the correct structures needed as well as showcasing the top traits of coaches.

In addition to this booklet, Galway Camogie are launching social media accounts dedicated to the coaching and development within the county. It aims to give coaches a one stop shop for games and drill ideas as well as other interesting or important aspects of coaching. It can be found at Galway Camogie Coaching ED.

Age groupSkill developmentPhysical developmentCulture / values
Nursery U4-U71. Identify hurley / catching hand
2. Ground strike (C shape)
3. Stopping a moving ball
1. Fundamental movements
2. Animal movements
1. Fun / enjoyment
2. Positive affiliation
3. Friendship
U7-U121. Roll/jab pick
2. Strike from hand
3. Catching
1. Fundamental movements
2. Evasive movements
1. Fun / enjoyment
2. Friendship
3. Belonging
U12-U141. Higher intensity of the following skills
2. Roll/jab pick
3. Striking from hand
4. Handpassing
5. Catching
1. Evasive movements
2. Stretching and agility
1. Pride/desire to compete
2. Respect / sportsmanship in competition
U14-U17 1. Decision making
2. Tackling / defending
3. Frees / goalkeeping
1. Plyometrics
2. Strength and conditioning
1. Leadership
2. Involvement

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