2022 Club Fixtures / Results – U14

Fixtures and results: U14 Championship

  • U14 Championship

    2022 U14 Club Championship

    U14 A
    Group 1Shamrocks, Turloughmore, Sarsfields, Craughwell 1
    Group 2Kilconieron, Clarinbridge, Athenry 1, Kinvara
    GROUP 1Round 19 JunShamrocks1-015-05Turloughmore
    GROUP 1Round 19 JunSarsfieldsWinCraughwell 1
    GROUP 1Round 216 JunCraughwell 12-072-08Shamrocks
    GROUP 1Round 216 JunTurloughmore2-121-01Sarsfields
    GROUP 1Round 323 JunShamrocks3-052-04Sarsfields
    GROUP 1Round 323 JunTurloughmoreCraughwell 1
    GROUP 2Round 19 JunKilconieron1-041:04Clarinbridge
    GROUP 2Round 19 JunAthenry 11-031-06Kinvara
    GROUP 2Round 216 JunKinvara2-030-02Kilconieron
    GROUP 2Round 216 JunClarinbridge3-053-07Athenry 1
    GROUP 2Round 323 JunKilconieron1-020-03Athenry 1
    GROUP 2Round 323 JunClarinbridge1-031-10Kinvara
    Semi finalKinvara3-071-02Shamrocks
    Semi finalTurloughmore3-100-01Kilconieron
    U14A Cup final15 JulKinvara1-051-04Turloughmore
    U14A Shield final15 JulShamrocks1-093-02Kilconieron
    U14 A1
    Group 1Pearses, St Colmans, Castlegar, Ardrahan
    Group 2Skehana Menlough, Oranmore Maree, Abbeyknockmoy, Killimor
    GROUP 1Round 19 JunPearsesSt Colmans
    GROUP 1Round 19 JunCastlegar2-012-02Ardrahan
    GROUP 1Round 216 JunArdrahanWinPearses
    GROUP 1Round 216 JunSt Colmans3-060-00Castlegar
    GROUP 1Round 323 JunPearses1-062-05Castlegar
    GROUP 1Round 323 JunSt ColmansWinArdrahan
    GROUP 2Round 19 JunSkehana MenloughOranmore Maree
    GROUP 2Round 19 JunAbbeyknockmoy2-030-02Killimor
    GROUP 2Round 216 JunKillimor3-062-01Skehana Menlough
    GROUP 2Round 216 JunOranmore Maree0-070-02Abbeyknockmoy
    GROUP 2Round 323 JunSkehana MenloughAbbeyknockmoy
    GROUP 2Round 323 JunOranmore MareeKillimor
    Oranmore Maree2-032-05Pearses
    Semi finalKillimor2-024-06St Colmans
    A1 Cup final14 JulPearses1-044-03St Colmans
    A1 Shield final14 JulOranmore Maree0-075-04Killimor
    U14 B
    GROUP 1Liam Mellows, St Thomas, Sylane, Mullagh Kiltormer
    GROUP 2Carnmore, Davitts, Athenry 2, Rahoon Newcastle
    GROUP 1Round 19 JunLiam MellowsSt Thomas
    GROUP 1Round 19 JunSylaneWinMullagh Kiltormer
    GROUP 1Round 216 JunMullagh KiltormerLiam Mellows
    GROUP 1Round 216 JunSt ThomasWinSylane
    GROUP 1Round 323 JunLiam MellowsSylane
    GROUP 1Round 323 JunSt Thomas3-006-05Mullagh Kiltormer
    GROUP 2Round 19 JunCarnmore0-100-02Davitts
    GROUP 2Round 19 JunAthenry 2Rahoon Newcastle
    GROUP 2Round 216 JunRahoon Newcastle0-032-05Carnmore
    GROUP 2Round 216 JunDavitts0-044-00Athenry 2
    GROUP 2Round 323 JunCarnmore2-100-01Athenry 2
    GROUP 2Round 323 JunDavitts1-001-03Rahoon Newcastle
    Semi finalMullagh Kiltormer5-031-01Rahoon Newcastle
    Semi finalCarnmore6-065-02St Thomas
    B Cup final - Duggan Park14 Jul, 8pmMullagh Kiltormer2-090-07Carnmore
    B Shield final - Duggan Park14 Jul, 6:30pmRahoon Newcastle3-023-03St Thomas
    U14 B1
    GROUP 1Portumna, Eyrecourt, Ahascragh Caltra, Beal Atha na Slua
    GROUP 2Cois Fharraige, Salthill Knocknacarra, Tuam, Ballinderreen
    GROUP 1Round 19 JunPortumna2-063-10Eyrecourt
    GROUP 1Round 19 JunAhascragh CaltraWinBeal Atha na Slua
    GROUP 1Round 216 JunBeal Atha na SluaPortumna
    GROUP 1Round 216 JunEyrecourt1-052-01Ahascragh Caltra
    GROUP 1Round 323 JunPortumnaAhascragh Caltra
    GROUP 1Round 323 JunEyrecourtWinBeal Atha na Slua
    GROUP 2Round 19 JunCois Fharraige0-053-02Salthill Knocknacarra
    GROUP 2Round 19 JunTuamBallinderreen
    GROUP 2Round 216 JunBallinderreenWinCois Fharraige
    GROUP 2Round 216 JunSalthill Knocknacarra3-031-12Tuam
    GROUP 2Round 323 JunCois FharraigeWinTuam
    GROUP 2Round 323 JunSalthill Knocknacarra1-023-06Ballinderreen
    Tuam5-033-03Ahascragh Caltra
    B1 Cup Final - Duggan Park12 Jul, 8pmEyrecourt2-030-01Tuam
    B1 Shield Final - Duggan Park12 Jul, 6:30pmBallinderreenWinAhascragh Caltra
    U14 C
    GROUP 1Mountbellew Moylough, Westport, Cappataggle, Kiltullagh Killimordaly
    GROUP 2Moycullen, Castlebar Mitchells, Na Brideoga, Athenry 3
    GROUP 1ROUND 19 JunMountbellew Moylough4-020-01Westport
    GROUP 1ROUND 19 JunCappataggle2-046-04Kiltullagh Killimordaly
    GROUP 1 ROUND 216 JunKiltullagh KillimordalyWinMountbellew Moylough
    GROUP 1 ROUND 216 JunCappataggle1-042-06Westport
    GROUP 1ROUND 323 JunMountbellew MoyloughWinCappataggle
    GROUP 1ROUND 323 JunKiltullagh KillimordalyWinWestport
    GROUP 2ROUND 19 JunMoycullen2-082-00Castlebar Mitchells
    GROUP 2ROUND 19 JunAthenry 34-000-01Na Brideoga
    GROUP 2ROUND 216 JunAthenry 31-003-10Moycullen
    GROUP 2ROUND 216 JunCastlebar Mitchells4-020-03Na Brideoga
    GROUP 2ROUND 323 JunMoycullen7-105-01Na Brideoga
    GROUP 2ROUND 323 JunAthenry 32-000-04Castlebar Mitchells
    Semi finalMountbellew MoyloughWinAthenry
    Semi finalMoycullen3-056-06Westport
    C Cup final - Carnmore13 Jul, 8pmMountbellew Moylough0-011-01Westport
    C Shield final - Carnmore13 Jul, 6:30pmMoycullenAthenry
    U14 C1
    GROUP 1St Colmans 2, Shamrocks 2, Craughwell 2, Kinvara 2
    GROUP 2Athenry 4, Turloughmore 2, Abbeyknockmoy 2, Castlegar 2
    GROUP 1Round 19 JunSt Colmans 2Win0-00Shamrocks 2
    GROUP 1Round 19 JunCraughwell 2WinKinvara 2
    GROUP 1Round 216 JunKinvara 22-032-01St Colmans 2
    GROUP 1Round 216 JunShamrocks 21-020-00Craughwell 2
    GROUP 1Round 323 JunSt Colmans 2WinCraughwell 2
    GROUP 1Round 323 JunShamrocks 2WinKinvara 2
    GROUP 2Round 19 JunAthenry 43-003-03Turloughmore 2
    GROUP 2Round 19 JunAbbeyknockmoy 22-040-00Castlegar 2
    GROUP 2Round 216 JunCastlegar 21-001-01Athenry 4
    GROUP 2Round 216 JunTurloughmore 2WinAbbeyknockmoy 2
    GROUP 2Round 323 JunAthenry 40-000-02Abbeyknockmoy 2
    GROUP 2Round 323 JunTurloughmore 24-061-01Castlegar 2
    Semi finalTurlougmore 21-002-03St Colmans 2
    Semi finalKinvara 25-080-00Abbeyknockmoy 2
    C1 Cup Final - Mullagh11 Jul, 8pmKinvara 23-013-00St Colmans 2
    C1 Shield Final - Mullagh11 Jul, 6:30pmTurloughmore 24-050-04Abbeyknockmoy 2
    U14 A 15-a-side: Co-ordinator: Allan Massey 087 9737664
    U14 A1 15-a-side: Co-ordinator: Pat Forde 087 7966277
    U14 B 15-a-side: Co-ordinator: Mike O'Connor 087 2336693
    U14 B1 15-a-side: Co-ordinator: Paul Kelly 087 9255879
    U14 C 12-a-side: Co-ordinator: Cyril Murphy 086 8554789
    U14 C1 12-a-side: Co-ordinator: Dave Cunningham 086 6993311

    All games are to be played on or before the date. If games are not completed by 23rd June they will be nil and voided

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