2021 Club Fixtures / Results

Fixtures and results for Club Championships – Senior, Intermediate and Junior levels.

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  • Senior

    2021 Senior Club Championship

    Senior Club Championship Sponsored by Lough Rea Hotel & Spa

    * Championship Co-ordinator: Michael Noone (087) 4181938

    DOWNLOAD:2021 Adult Championships Fixtures/Rules (PDF)
    CHAMPIONSHIP Group 1Group 2
    Senior A Sarsfields, Ardrahan, MullaghOranmore Maree, Athenry, St. Thomas'
    Senior B Clarinbridge, Eyrecourt, DavittsCraughwell, Killimor, Carnmore
    Senior A - R126 Sep, 11amTynaghSt. Thomas1-088-18SarsfieldsKarol Collins
    Senior A - R126 Sep, 12pmTurloughmoreArdrahan2-101-07AthenryMike Ryan
    Senior A - R125 Sep, 2pmSt. Thomas'Mullagh0-134-14Oranmore MareeShane Curley
    Senior B - R126 Sep, 11amKilbeacantyCarnmore3-101-10ClarinbridgeKevin Egan
    Senior B - R125 Sep, 5pmSt Thomas'Davitts1-143-09CraughwellEnda Loughnane
    Senior B - R126 Sep, 1pmTynaghEyrecourt1-112-05KillimorJames Lundon
    Senior A - R23 Oct, 1:30pmTynaghSarsfields1-140-08Oranmore MareeMike Ryan
    Senior A - R22 Oct, 5pmGortAthenry2-096-10MullaghDavid Earls
    Senior A - R29 Oct, 5pmClarinbridgeSt Thomas0-073-15ArdrahanMike Ryan
    Senior B - R28 Oct, 8pmMullagh GAAClarinbridge1-052-06CraughwellNoel Quinn
    Senior B - R22 Oct, 5pmLoughreaKillimor0-082-15DavittsSean Byrne
    Senior B - R23 Oct, 11amTynaghCarnmore0-071-07EyrecourtPat Kelly
    Senior A - R317 Oct, 4pmNew InnSarsfields0-191-11AthenryEnda Loughnane
    Senior A - R316 Oct, 2pmBullaunMullagh3-172-13St. ThomasJames Lundon
    Senior A - R317 Oct, 1:30pmKilconieronArdrahan0-112-16Oranmore MareeKevin Egan
    Senior B - R317 Oct, 5:45pmPortumnaClarinbridge1-081-05KillimorPakie Muldoon
    Senior B - R317 Oct, 2:30pmTurloughmoreDavitts4-090-10CarnmoreMike Ryan
    Senior B - R316 Oct, 2pmTynaghEyrecourt0-101-13CraughwellEnda Loughnane
    Match details
    23 Oct, 12pmGortArdrahan1-090-05DavittsConor Quinlan
    Match details
    23 Oct, 12:45pmKinvaraMullagh2-090-05CraughwellKevin Egan
    Match details
    13 Nov, 12:30pmGortOranmore Maree1-101-09ArdrahanMike Ryan
    Match details
    7 Nov, 3pmDuggan ParkMullagh0-070-16SarsfieldsNoel Quinn
    Match details
    21 Nov, 3pmDuggan ParkOranmore Maree0-072-10SarsfieldsJames Lundon
    Promotion to Senior ATBCTBCDavittsConcededWinCraughwellTBC
    Senior A Relegation Final6 Nov, 12pmKillimordalyAthenry2-072-04St. ThomasEnda Loughnane
    Regelation - Senior B to Intermediate12 Nov, 7:45pmBallinasloeClarinbridge2-120-06KillimorEnda Loughnane

    2021 Senior Club League

    Sponsored by Lough Rea Hotel & Spa
    LEAGUEGroup 1Group 2
    Senior AMullagh, Sarsfields, AthenryArdrahan, Oranmore Maree, St. Thomas'
    Senior BCraughwell, Clarinbridge, CarnmoreEyrecourt, Davitts, Killimor
    SENIOR A LEAGUE FINAL2 Aug, 6PMDuggan ParkArdrahan1-152-08AthenryKevin Egan
    SENIOR B LEAGUE FINAL4 Sep, 6PMKillimordaly>/strong>Carnmore1-112-15DavittsConor Quinlan
    Senior A - R128 JunCastledalySt. Thomas4-120-13MullaghJames Lundon
    Senior A - R15 JulCaraunAthenry2-093-15ArdrahanKarol Collins
    Senior A - R17 JulNew InnSarsfields4-230-02Oranmore MareeMike Ryan
    Senior B - R12 JulCarnmoreCarnmore0-181-11EyrecourtConor Quinlan
    Senior B - R14 JulClarinbridgeClarinbridgeConcededWinDavittsKevin Egan
    Senior B - R14 JulKillimorKillimor0-033-18CraughwellShane Curley
    Senior A - R215 Jul, 7:30pmOranmoreOranmore Maree0-063-14AthenrySean Byrne
    Senior A - R213 Jul, 8pmCastledalySt. Thomas0-053-08SarsfieldsPat Kelly
    Senior A - R212 Jul, 7:30pmMullaghMullaghArdrahanPakie Muldoon
    Senior B - R213 Jul, 7:45pmCraughwellCraughwell0-092-05EyrecourtKevin Egan
    Senior B - R210 Jul, 7:30pmDuniryDavitts0-152-09CarnmoreNoel Quinn
    Senior B - R211 Jul, 11amKillimorKillimor0-081-06ClarinbridgeJoan Polland
    Senior A - R3TBCTBCMullaghOranmore MareeTBC
    Senior A - R322 Jul, 8pmAthenryAthenry4-170-06St. ThomasKevin Egan
    Senior A - R318 JulArdrahanArdrahan7-080-07SarsfieldsTBC
    Senior B - R316 Jul, 7:45pmCraughwellCraughwell2-082-12DavittsEnda Loughnane
    Senior B - R315 Jul, 8pmCarnmoreCarnmore4-261-04KillimorRonan Stankard
    Senior B - R3TBCTBCEyrecourt2-192-04ClarinbridgeTBC

  • Intermediate

    2021 Intermediate Club Championship

    Sponsored by Duane Hardware & Daybreak Foodstore

    * Co-ordinator: Sinead Kelly (087) 7508990

    DOWNLOAD:2021 Adult Championships Fixtures/Rules (PDF)
    Group 1Group 2
    Intermediate ChampionshipKinvara, Pearses, Ballinderreen, Cappataggle, ShamrocksMountbellew/Moylough, Ahascragh/Caltra, Salthill/Knocknacarra, Castlegar, Kiltullagh/Killimordaly
    Round 1-Group 125 Sep, 7:30pmMullagh GAA GroundsPearses1-101-10KinvaraPakie Muldoon
    Round 1-Group 126 Sep, 2pmCappataggleCappataggle1-100-07ShamrocksAlan Dwyer
    Round 1-Group 1Bef 26 SepBallinderreen----BYE
    Round 1-Group 221 Sep, 8pmDuggan ParkAhascragh/Caltra0-110-08Mountbellew/MoyloughDavid Cunningham
    Round 1-Group 226 Sep, 9:30amCastlegar pitchCastlegar1-150-09Kiltullagh KillimordalyShane Glynn
    Round 1-Group 2Bef 26 SepSalthill/Knocknacarra----BYE
    Round 2-Group 13 Oct, 12pmKinvaraKinvara0-120-11CappataggleSarah Gaughran
    Round 2-Group 12 Oct, 4pmBallinderreenBallinderreen1-080-15PearsesEnda Loughnane
    Round 2-Group 1Bef 3 OctShamrocks----BYE
    Round 2-Group 23 Oct, 4pmMountbellewMountbellew/Moylough1-140-17CastlegarShane Glynn
    Round 2-Group 23 Oct, 10amPrairie, SalthillSalthill/KnocknacarraWinAhascragh/CaltraEnda Loughnane
    Round 2-Group 2Bef 3 OctKiltullagh Killimordaly----BYE
    Round 3-Group 117 Oct, 11amCappataggleCappataggle2-170-06BallinderreenPakie Muldoon
    Round 3-Group 117 Oct, 5pmLoughrea GAA pitchShamrocks3-130-13KinvaraDavid Cunningham
    Round 3-Group 1Bef 17 OctPearses ----BYE
    Round 3-Group 217 Oct, 10amCastlegarCastlegar0-040-12Salthill/KnocknacarraRonan Stankard
    Round 3-Group 217 Oct, 4:30pmKillimordalyKiltullagh/Killimordaly2-104-19Mountbellew/MoyloughPat Kelly
    Round 3-Group 2Bef 17 OctAhascragh/Caltra----BYE
    Round 4-Group 124 Oct, 11amBallymacwardPearses0-101-10CappataggleJames Lundon
    Round 4-Group 123 Oct, 4:30pmBallinderreenBallinderreen0-062-17ShamrocksJohn Donavan
    Round 4-Group 1Bef 24 OctKinvara----BYE
    Round 4-Group 223 Oct, 11amFohenaghAhascragh/Caltra1-090-12CastlegarMichael Ryan
    Round 4-Group 224 Oct, 11amPrairieSalthill/Knocknacarra3-202-04Kiltullagh/KillimordalyEnda Loughnane
    Round 4-Group 2Bef 24 OctMountbellew/Moylough----BYE
    Round 5-Group 130 Oct, 4:15pmKinvaraKinvaraWinConcededBallinderreenPat Kelly
    Round 5-Group 131 Oct, 3:45pmKilnadeemaShamrocks1-091-06PearsesPakie Muldoon
    Round 5-Group 1Bef 31 OctCappataggle----BYE
    Round 5-Group 231 Oct, 11amMountbellewMountbellew/Moylough2-155-15Salthill/KnocknacarraAlan Dwyer
    Round 5-Group 231 Oct, 12pmKillimordalyKiltullagh/Killimordaly0-103-15Ahascragh/CaltraSarah Gaughran
    Round 5-Group 2Bef 31 OctCastlegar----BYE
    Match details
    6 Nov, 12pmBallymacwardMountbellew Moylough0-122-04CappataggleJames Lundon
    Match details
    7 Nov, 11:30amGortKinvara3-070-07Ahascragh CaltraRonan Stankard
    Match details
    7 Nov, 2:30pmCarnmorePearses0-101-15Salthill KnocknacarraSean Byrne
    Match details
    7 Nov, 2:30pmPortumnaCastlegar1-112-14ShamrocksPakie Muldoon
    Match details
    13 Nov, 3pmCarnmoreMountbellew Moylough0-122-07KinvaraDavid Cunningham
    Match details
    Match details
    14 Nov, 2pmLackaghSalthill Knocknacarra2-152-13ShamrocksPakie Muldoon
    Match details
    27 Nov, 1:30pmDuggan ParkKinvara1-110-13Salthill KnocknacarraEnda Loughnane

    2021 Intermediate Club League

    Sponsored by Duane Hardware & Daybreak Foodstore
    Group 1Group 2
    Intermediate LeagueAhascragh/Caltra, Pearses, Kiltullagh/Killimordaly, Cappataggle, Mountbellew/MoyloughBallindereen, Salthill/Knocknacarra, Kinvara, Shamrocks, Castlegar
    Round 12 JulBallymacwardPearses1-091-12Ahascragh CaltraMichael Ryan
    Round 130 JunCappataggle pitchCappataggle2-160-07Mountbellew MoyloughShane Curley
    Round 14 JulThe Prairie, SalthillSalthill Knocknacarra5-191-07BallinderreenSean Byrne
    Round 14 JulKilnadeema pitchShamrocks0-090-12CastlegarDavid Cunningham
    Round 1Kiltullagh KillimordalyBYE
    Round 1KinvaraBYE
    Round 26 JulFohenaghAhascragh Caltra4-061-04CappatagglePakie Muldoon
    Round 29 JulKillimordalyKiltullagh Killimordaly3-082-07PearsesSarah Gaughran
    Round 2Mountbellew MenloughBYE
    Round 28 JulBallinderreen pitchBallinderreen1-053-14ShamrocksEnda Loughnane
    Round 29 JulKinvaraKinvara0-101-09Salthill KnocknacarraRonan Stankard
    Round 2Castlegar BYE
    Round 321 JulCappataggle pitchCappataggle4-090-18Kiltullagh KillimordalyJoan Pollard
    Round 316 JulMountbellew pitchMountbellew MoyloughAhascragh CaltraJames Lundon
    Round 3Pearses BYE
    Round 315 JulKilnadeema pitchShamrocks1-091-10KinvaraJoan Pollard
    Round 315 JulCastlegar pitchCastlegarWinConcededBallinderreenAlan Dwyer
    Round 3Salthill KnocknacarraBYE
    Round 426 JulPearses pitchPearses1-062-11CappataggleJoan Poland
    Round 425 JulKillimordalyKiltullagh Killimordaly5-124-05Mountbellew MoyloughJames Lundon
    Round 4Ahascragh CaltraBYE
    Round 422 JulSalthill pitchSalthill Knocknacarra3-201-08ShamrocksEnda Loughnane
    Round 421 JulKinvaraKinvara0-090-07CastlegarKarol Collins
    Round 4BallinderreenBYE
    Round 5TBCTBCAhascragh Caltra3-180-07Kiltullagh KillimordalyTBC
    Round 5TBCTBCMountbellewPearsesTBC
    Round 5CappataggleBYE
    Round 5TBCTBCBallinderreenKinvaraTBC
    Round 5TBCTBCCastlegar1-121-10Salthill KnocknacarraTBC
    Round 5ShamrocksBYE
    PlayoffKinvara0-050-10Salthill Knocknacarra
    FINALSalthill Knocknacarra1-081-04Ahascragh Caltra

  • Junior

    2021 Junior A, B, B '12-a-Side' Club Championship

    Group 1Group 2Group 3
    Junior A ChampionshipCois Fharraige, Kiltormer, Na Brideoga, AbbeyknockmoyTurloughmore, Sarsfields, Ardrahan, Liam Mellows
    Junior B ChampionshipOranmore/Maree, Craughwell, Turloughmore, Kinvara, Skehana/MenloughKilconieron, St Thomas, Castlegar, Carnmore, DavittsSt Colmans, Sylane, Portumna, Ahascragh/Caltra, Athenry
    B1 Group 1B2Group 1B2 Group 2
    Junior B '12-a-side' ChampionshipSarsfields, Salthill/Knocknacarra, Westport, Athenry, Na Brideoga, BallinasloeMoycullen, Kiltormer, Liam Mellows, CastlebarShamrocks, Mountbellew/Moylough, Craughwell, Abbeyknockmoy
    Round 1-Group 126 Sep, 1pmMícheál Breathnach's pitch. IndreabhanCois Fharraige4-092-10KiltormerShane Glynn
    Round 1-Group 128 Sep, 7:45pmDuggan ParkNa Brideoga0-070-04AbbeyknockmoyTBC
    Round 1-Group 226 Sep, 5:30pmTurloughmoreTurloughmore2-070-12Sarsfields
    Round 1-Group 226 SepArdrahanArdrahanConcededLiam MellowsKevin Egan
    Round 2-Group 17 Nov, 12pmAbbeyknockmoyAbbeyknockmoyCois FharraigePat Kelly
    Round 2-Group 13 Oct, 4:30pmKiltormerKiltormer1-032-07Na Brideoga
    Round 2-Group 223 Oct, 4pmBallyloughaneLiam Mellows0-132-05TurloughmoreEnda Loughnane
    Round 2-Group 23 Oct, 10amBullaun pitchSarsfieldsWinArdrahanJames Lundon
    Round 3-Group 116 Oct, 5pmMichael Breathnach'sCois Fharraige0-050-08Na BrideogaRonan Stankard
    Round 3-Group 124 Oct, 12pmAbbeyknockmoyAbbeyknockmoy1-162-05KiltormerAlan Dwyer
    Round 3-Group 217 Oct, 4:30pmLackaghTurloughmoreConcededArdrahanJoan Poland
    Round 3-Group 216 Oct, 5pmBallyloughaneLiam Mellows1-102-09SarsfieldsSarah Gaughran
    7 Nov, 12pmAbbeyknockmoyAbbeyknockmoy0-180-06Cois FharraigePat Kelly
    Match details
    7 Jan, 12:30pmNew InnSarsfields2-122-12AbbeyknockmoyJames Lundon
    SEMI-FINAL Replay
    Match details
    23 Jan, 12pmAbbeyknockmoySarsfields0-060-07AbbeyknockmoyRonan Stankard
    Match details
    29 Jan, 12pmBallyloughaneNa Bridgeoa0-101-08Liam MellowsShane Glynn
    FINAL13 Feb, 2pmTurloughmore pitch, LackaghAbbeyknockmoy0-140-08Liam MellowsMatch details
    Round 1-Group 124 Sep, 6pmCraughwellCraughwellWinOranmore/MareeJames Lundon
    Round 1-Group 1Bef 26 SepTBCKinvara1-051-05Skehana/MenloughTBC
    Round 1-Group 1Bef 26 SepTurloughmore----BYE
    Round 1-Group 226 Sep, 2pmTBCSt Thomas1-042-08KilconieronKevin Egan
    Round 1-Group 226 Sep, 6pmCarnmoreCarnmore3-120-04DavittsSarah Gaughran
    Round 1-Group 2Bef 26 SepTBCCastlegar----BYE
    Round 1-Group 326 Sep, 12pmSylaneSylane5-093-05St ColmansEnda Loughnane
    Round 1-Group 3Bef 26 SepTBCAhascragh/CaltraAthenryTBC
    Round 1-Group 3Bef 26 SepPortumna----BYE-
    Round 2-Group 13 Oct, 5pmOranmoreOranmore/MareeConcededWinKinvaraRonan Stankard
    Round 2-Group 13 Oct, 1pmTurloughmoreTurloughmoreWinCraughwellSean Byrne
    Round 2-Group 1Bef 3 OctSkehana/Menlough----BYE
    Round 2-Group 23 Oct, 5pmKilconieronKilconieron0-131-09CarnmoreAlan Dwyer
    Round 2-Group 23 Oct, 12pmCastlegarCastlegar1-031-10St ThomasJohn Donovan
    Round 2-Group 2Bef 3 OctDavitts----BYE
    Round 2-Group 32 Oct, 4:30pmBeaghSt ColmansWinAhascragh/CaltraJames Lundon
    Round 2-Group 33 Oct, 10:30amTBCPortumna3-121-07SylaneDavid Cunningham
    Round 2-Group 3Bef 3 OctAthenry----BYE
    Round 3-Group 117 Oct, 5pmKinvaraKinvara5-190-03TurloughmoreKevin Egan
    Round 3-Group 116 Oct, 5:30pmSkehana pitchSkehana/MenloughWinOranmore/MareeJames Lundon
    Round 3-Group 1Bef 17 OctCraughwell----BYE
    Round 3-Group 217 Oct, 9amCarnmoreCarnmore2-041-04CastlegarSarah Gaughran
    Round 3-Group 216 Oct, 5pmDuniryDavittsWinKilconieronPakie Muldoon
    Round 3-Group 2Bef 17 OctSt Thomas----BYE
    Round 3-Group 315 Oct, 6:45pmPortumnaAhascragh/CaltraWinPortumnaTBC
    Round 3-Group 310 Oct, 1:30pmCarnaun pitchAthenryConcededSt ColmansAlan Dwyer
    Round 3-Group 3Bef 17 OctSylane----BYE
    Round 4-Group 1Bef 24 OctTBCCraughwell2-160-01KinvaraTBC
    Round 4-Group 124 Oct, 10:30amLackaghTurloughmoreSkehana/MenloughRonan Stankard
    Round 4-Group 1Bef 24 OctOranmore/Maree----BYE
    Round 4-Group 224 Oct, 10amCastledalySt Thomas1-071-09CarnmoreKevin Egan
    Round 4-Group 2Bef 24 OctTBCCastlegarDavittsTBC
    Round 4-Group 2Bef 24 OctKilconieron----BYE
    Round 4-Group 324 Oct, 4pmSylaneSylaneConcededAhascragh/CaltraSarah Gaughran
    Round 4-Group 322 Oct, 6:30pmPortumnaPortumna4-110-06AthenryDavid Cunningham
    Round 4-Group 3Bef 24 OctSt Colmans----BYE
    Round 5-Group 1Bef 31 OctTBCOranmore/MareeTurloughmoreTBC
    Round 5-Group 130 Oct, 4:30pmSkehanaSkehana/Menlough2-072-08CraughwellAlan Dwyer
    Round 5-Group 1Bef 31 OctKinvara----BYE
    Round 5-Group 231 Oct, 3:30pmKilconieronKilconieron1-161-01CastlegarJames Lundon
    Round 5-Group 231 Oct, 12pmDuniryDavitts0-050-05St ThomasKevin Egan
    Round 5-Group 2Bef 31 OctCarnmore----BYE
    Round 5-Group 331 Oct, 3:30pmBeaghSt Colmans2-014-08PortumnaRonan Stankard
    Round 5-Group 331 Oct, 10amAthenryAthenry1-044-03SylaneEnda Loughnane
    Round 5-Group 3Bef 31 OctAhascragh/Caltra----BYE
    QUARTER-FINAL13 Nov, 12:30pmMountbellewKilconieron0-131-04Skehana MenloughSean Byrne
    QUARTER-FINAL13 Nov, 10:30amSylaneCarnmore1-110-04SylaneJames Lundon
    SEMI-FINAL21 Nov, 11amKillimordalyKilconieronWinCraughwellJoan Poland
    SEMI-FINAL<21 Nov, 11:30amCraughwellCarnmoreWinPortumnaAlan Dwyer
    Match program
    3 Dec, 7:30Duggan ParkKilconieron2-110-05CarnmoreMike Ryan
    B1 Group 1, Round 125 SepBullaunSarsfieldsWinWestportSarah Gaughan
    B1 Group 1, Round 125 SepArd Scoil Mhuire pitchBallinasloe3-081-04Na BrideogaPat Kelly
    B1 Group 1, Round 1Bef 26 SepSalthillBYE
    B2 Group 1 Round 126 SepMoycullenMoycullen4-034-11KiltormerAngela Moran
    B2 Group1 Round 1Bef 26 SepTBCLiam MellowsCastlebar MitchelsTBC
    B2 Group 2 Round 126 SepKilnadeemaShamrocksWinMountbellew/MoyloughPakie Muldoon
    B2 Group 2 Round 126 SepMain pitch, CraughwellCraughwell0-023-05AbbeyknockmoyShane Glynn
    B1 Group 1 Round 22 OctBullaunBallinasloeWinSarsfieldsAngela Moran
    B1 Group 1 Round 22 OctPrairieSalthill/Knocknacarra6-112-10WestportSean Byrne
    B1 Group 2 Round 23 OctTBCNa Brideoga2-071-03Kiltormer
    B2 Group 1 Round 23 OctMoycullenCastlebar Mitchels3-052-07MoycullenDavid Earls
    B2 Group 1 Round 2Bef 3 OctTBCKiltormerLiam MellowsTBC
    B2 Group 2 Round 23 OctAbbeyknockmoyAbbeyknockmoy1-092-09ShamrocksJames Lundon
    B2 Group 2 Round 23 OctTBCMountbellew/Moylough2-054-03CraughwellAlan Dwyer
    B1 Group 1 Round 316 OctArd Scoil MhuireBallinasloe5-152-09Salthill/KnocknacarraPakie Muldoon
    B1 Group 1 Round 3Bef 17 OctTBCSarsfields----Na BrideogaTBC
    B1 Group 1 Round 3Bef 17 OctWestportBYE
    B2 Group 1 Round 317 OctMoycullenMoycullen3-091-06Liam MellowsEnda Loughnane
    B2 Group 1 Round 316 OctKiltormerCastlebar Mitchels2-041-09KiltormerTBC
    B2 Group 2 Round 316 OctKilnadeemaShamrocks7-080-01CraughwellJoan Poland
    B2 Group 2 Round 315 OctMountbellewAbbeyknockmoy1-140-04Mountbellew/MoyloughAlan Dwyer
    B1 Group 1 Round 4TBCTBCBallinasloe2-042-08WestportTBC
    B1 Group 1 Round 4Bef 24 OctTBCSalthillNa BrideogaTBC
    B1 Group 1 Round 4Bef 24 OctSarsfieldsBYE
    B1 Group 1 Round 5Bef 31 OctTBCNa BrideogaWestportTBC
    B1 Group 1 Round 5Bef 31 OctTBCSalthillSarsfieldsTBC
    B1 Group 1 Round 5Bef 31 OctBallinasloeBYE
    B1 Semi final14 NovCarnmoreKiltormer3-040-12Abbeyknockmoy
    B1 Semi final21 NovCarnmoreShamrocks3-071-08CastlebarShane Glynn
    B1 12-a-side Final5 Dec KillimorKiltormer2-040-06ShamrocksNoel Quinn
    B 12-a-side final14 NovBallymacwardWestport0-141-06BallinasloeAlan Dwyer
    Junior A Championship sponsored by Player Log Training (PTL).
    Junior B Championship sponsored by Timeless Boutique
    Junior B 12-a-side Championship sponsored by Bespoke Beauty

    Junior A Championship Co-ordinator: Fiona Murphy (087) 3657657
    Junior B Championship Co-ordinator: Geraldine McPeake (086) 3759884
    Junior B 12-a-Side Championship Co-ordinator: Johnny Kane (087) 9137672

    DOWNLOAD:2021 Adult Championships Fixtures/Rules (PDF)

    2021 Junior A, B, B '12-a-Side' League

    Junior A League sponsored by Player Log Training (PTL). Junior B League sponsored by Timeless Boutique
    Junior A League Final13 Aug, 7:15pmKilbeacantyTurloughmore1-142-07SarsfieldsEnda Loughnane
    Junior B League Final17 Aug, 7:15pmBallinasloeSt Thomas3-030-14KilconieronMike Ryan
    Junior B 12-a-side Final2 Sep, 7pmKillimordalyAthenry4-180-09Salthill Knocknacarra
    Junior B 12-a-side Semi-final16 Aug, 7:30pmCastlegarCastlegar1-034-14AthenryEnda Loughnane
    Junior B 12-a-side Semi-final16 Aug, 7:30pmThe Prairie, SalthillSalthill2-120-08ShamrocksDavid Earls
    Junior B 12-a-side FINALAthenry4-180-09Salthill Knocknacarra
    Group 1Group 2Group 3Group 4
    Junior A LeagueCois Fharraige, Turloughmore, Na Brideoga, AbbeyknockmoyKiltormer, Liam Mellows, Sarsfields, Ardrahan.
    Junior B LeagueAthenry, Skehana/Menlough, Ahascragh/Caltra, Kinvara, SarsfieldsSt. Colman's, St. Thomas', Davitts, CraughwellCarnmore, Kilconieron, Portumna, Sylane
    Junior B '12-a-side' LeagueLiam Mellows, Shamrocks, Kiltullagh/Killimordaly, Castlebar Mitchels, KillimorPearses, Westport, Athenry, Na Brideoga, AbbeyknockmoyMoycullen, Salthill/Knocknacarra, Ballinasloe, Craughwell, TurloughmoreMountbellew/Moylough, Castlegar, Oranmore Maree, Sarsfields
    Round 11 JulM. Breathnach'sCois Fharraige3-081-14TurloughmoreShane Glynn
    Round 13 JulAbbeyknockmoyNa Brideoga0-081-05AbbeyknockmoyJames Lundon
    Round 13 JulKiltormerKiltormer2-144-08Liam MellowsPakie Muldoon
    Round 13 JulNew InnSarsfieldsWinConcededArdrahanPat Kelly
    Round 211 JulAbbeyknockmoyAbbeyknockmoy0-111-12Cois FharraigeTBC
    Round 29 JulTurloughmoreTurloughmore1-112-07Na BrideogaAlan Dwyer
    Round 211 JulArdrahanArdrahan5-121-01KiltormerTBC
    Round 210 JulBallyloughaneLiam Mellows2-121-16SarsfieldsSarah Gaughran
    Round 318 Jul, 6:45pmMichael Breathnach'sCois FharraigeNa BrideogaShane Glynn
    Round 314 JulAbbeyknockmoyAbbeyknockmoy0-122-14TurloughmoreSean Byrne
    Round 320 Jul, 8pmKiltormer pitchKiltormer2-073-23SarsfieldsSarah Gaughran
    Round 316 JulArdrahanArdrahan3-161-04Liam MellowsShane Glynn
    Playoff2-130-07Cois Fharraige
    Round 129 JunTBCSkehana Menlough1-035-05AthenryMike Ryan
    Round 130 JunKinvaraKinvara8-091-01SarsfieldsKarol Collins
    Round 11 JulSt. Colman'sSt. Colman's0-073-09St. Thomas'sRonan Stankard
    Round 11 JulBallinakill pitchDavitts1-090-04CraughwellDavid Cunningham
    Round 14 JulCarnmoreCarnmore1-070-15KilconieronSarah Gaughran
    Round 14 JulPortumnaPortumna2-112-03SylaneJoan Poland
    Round 27 Jul, 7pmCarraunAthenry4-121-09KinvaraKarol Collins
    Round 213 Jul, 7:30pmAhascraghAhascragh Caltra1-033-07Skehana MenloughMike Ryan
    Round 2SarsfieldsBYE
    Round 28 Jul, 7pmCraughwellCraughwell2-070-07St. Colman'sRonan Stankard
    Round 27 Jul, 8pmSt. ThomasSt. Thomas2-072-06DavittsJames Lundon
    Round 211 Jul, 11amSylaneSylaneCarnmoreJames Lundon
    Round 38 Jul, 8pmKilconieronKilconieron10180-07PortumnaShane Curley
    Round 319 Jul, 7:30pmKinvaraKinvaraAhascragh CaltraPascal Sheenan
    Round 314 JulNew InnSarsfieldsAthenryPat Kelly
    Round 3Skehana MenloughBYE
    Round 312 Jul, 8pmGortSt. Colman's1-033-10DavittsAngela Moran
    Round 315 JulCraughwellCraughwell1-073-04St. ThomasEnda Loughnane
    Round 3TBCTBCCarnmore0-160-09PortumnaTBC
    Round 316 JulSylaneSylane1-044-15KilconieronSarah Gaughran
    Round 4TBCTBCSkehana MenloughKinvaraTBC
    Round 4TBCTBCAhascragh Caltra1-011-03SarsfieldsTBC
    Round 4AthenryBYE
    Round 5TBCTBCAthenryAhascragh CaltraTBC
    Round 5TBCTBCSarsfields1-032-05Skehana MenloughTBC
    Round 5Kinvara BYE
    Semi-FinalTBCSalthill KnocknacarraShamrocks
    Group 1 Round 14 JulKilnadeemaShamrocksLiam MellowsPakie Muldoon
    Group 1 Round 1TBCTBCCastlegarWinKillimorTBC
    Group 2 Round 1TBCTBCNa BrideogaAbbeyknockmoyTBC
    Group 2 Round 1TBCTBCWestportPearsesTBC
    Group 3 Round 1TBCTBCSalthill KnocknacarraMoycullenTBC
    Group 3 Round 14 JulCraughwellCraughwellWinConcededTurloughmoreAngela Moran
    Group 4 Round 130 JunMountbellewMountbellew Moylough0-025-12CastlegarDavid Cunningham
    Group 4 Round 13 JulOranmore GAA PitchOranmore Maree0-050-08KiltormerTBC
    Group 1 Round 211 Jul, 5pmLiam MellowsLiam Mellows3-120-03CastlebarAngela Moran
    Group 1 Round 2TBCTBCKiltulla KillimordalyShamrocksTBC
    Group 1 Round 2KillimorBYE
    Group 2 Round 2TBCTBCPearsesNa BrideogaTBC
    Group 2 Round 21 JulRaheenAthenry3-150-08WestportAlan Dwyer
    Group 2 Round 2TBCAbbeyknockmoyBYE
    Group 3 Round 211 Jul, 12pmMoycullenMoycullen2-162-02CraughwellDavid Earls
    Group 3 Round 211 Jul, 11amBallinasloeBallinasloe0-062-09Salthill KnocknacarraTBC
    Group 3 Round 2TBCTurloughmore BYE
    Group 4 Round 28 JulKiltormerKiltormer2-112-05Mountbellew MoyloughTBC
    Group 4 Round 2TBCTBCCastlegar4-100-02Oranmore MareeTBC
    Group 1 Round 3TBCTBCCastlebarKiltulla KillimordalyTBC
    Group 1 Round 3TBCTBCKillimorLiam MellowsTBC
    Group 1 Round 3TBCShamrocks BYE
    Group 2 Round 3TBCTBCNa Brideoga2-049-15AthenryTBC
    Group 2 Round 3TBCTBCAbbeyknockmoyPearsesTBC
    Group 2 Round 3TBCWestportBYE
    Group 3 Round 3Jul 14, 7:30pmSchool groundsCraughwellBallinasloeJoan Pollard
    Group 3 Round 3Jul 16, 7:45pmCoolarneTurloughmore5-116-06MoycullenAngela Moran
    Group 3 Round 3TBCSalthill KnocknacarraBYE
    Group 4 Round 314 Jul, 7:30pmMountbellewMountbellew Moylough8-071-03Oranmore MareeJames Lundon
    Group 4 Round 315 Jul, 7:30pmClontuskertKiltormer1-055-09CastlegarPakie Muldoon
    Group 1 Round 4TBCTBCShamrocks1-133-05CastlebarTBC
    Group 1 Round 4TBCTBCKiltulla KillimordalyKillimorTBC
    Group 1 Round 4TBCLiam MellowsBYE
    Group 2 Round 4TBCTBCWestportNa BrideogaTBC
    Group 2 Round 4TBCTBCAthenry9-182-02AbbeyknockmoyTBC
    Group 2 Round 4TBCPearsesBYE
    Group 3 Round 4TBCTBCSalthill KnocknacarraCraughwellTBC
    Group 3 Round 4TBCTBCBallinasloe10-113-05TurloughmoreTBC
    Group 3 Round 4TBCMoycullenBYE
    Group 1 Round 5TBCTBCLiam MellowsKiltulla KillimordalyTBC
    Group 1 Round 5TBCTBCKillimorShamrocksTBC
    Group 1 Round 5TBCCastlebarBYE
    Group 2 Round 5TBCTBCPearsesAthenryTBC
    Group 2 Round 510 Jul, 8pmAbbeyknockmoyAbbeyknockmoy3-054-08WestportJames Lundon
    Group 2 Round 5TBCTBCNa BrideogaBYE
    Group 3 Round 5TBCTBCMoycullen0-035-16BallinasloeTBC
    Group 3 Round 5TBCTBCTurloughmore2-072-18Salthill KnocknacarraTBC
    Group 3 Round 5TBCCraughwellBYE
    Score difference applies
    Top team in each group to semi-final -> open draw
    Group 2 PlayoffSalthill Knocknacarra1-151-04Ballinasloe

  • 2021 Connacht Finals

    2021 Connacht Camogie Finals

    Connacht Camogie Finals for Intermediate, Junior A and Junior B.
    2021 Connacht finals will be played on Jan 30, 2022.
    View all 2021 Club Intermediate and Junior Championship results
    FixtureDateVenueTeam 1ScoreScoreTeam 2
    Intermediate Fr. Lawless FinalJan 30 2022, 2pmAthleagueSalthill Knocknacarra3-030-05Athleague
    Junior A Pat Barrett FinalTBC
    Junior B Rose Nixon FinalJan 30 2022, 12pmRockfieldKilconieron1-081-05Oran

Club Championship Sponsors: Senior, Intermediate, Junior