1942 All Ireland Camogie Semi-Final: Galway v Cork

All Ireland Camogie Semi Final: Galway v Cork
October 4 1942

Venue: Sports Grounds, Galway
Referee: Detective-Sergeant Cahill, Galway
Final score: Galway 2-0, Cork 7-4


Speed and Tactics Beat Galway Girls

An unimpressive start by the Galway girls enabled Cork, the title holders, to pile up a big score in the first half of the All-Ireland Camogie Semi-final at Galway Sports Ground on Sunday and despite a good second half rally Galway failed to pull down their interval arrears. The final scores were: Cork, 7-4, Galway 2-0.

Cork were well on the road to victory after fifteen minutes of the game had been played. A strong pull at centre gave their forwards plenty of ball, and a weak Galway defence could not cope with the fast, accurate hitting combined with the clever tactical work of the Cork forward division.

A tightening up in the Galway centre lead to a more even distribution of the ball in the second half, but the wakness apparent in the Galway defence in the first half was then in evidence in the Galway forward division and the Galway girls failed to improve their position. The Cork forwards were well held by an improved Galway defence but Cork’s failure to increase their interval lead substantially was mainly due to the good work of the Galway custodian, who broke many a Cork attack on the goal line.

By their victory, Cork qualified for the final against Dublin – victors over Antrim in their other semi-final.

Cork were away early to force two twenty-five yard frees from which K. Coughlan printed. E. Casey, K. Barry and K. Buckley held on to the ball when they received it from cleverly constructed moments and added three goals for Cork before Galway got away for their first wide. K. Barry send in Cork’s fourth goal. Galway’s first success did not come until P. Coen sent a long drive down the field and J. Quinn broke the Cork custodian’s effort to clear and finished to the net. Cork had another goal and K. Buckley added a point before the interval, when the scores were: Cork 6-3, Galway 2-0.

Mainly through the efforts of F. Coen the Galway forwards got plenty to do in the second half, but they lacked the hard-hitting direct methods of the Cork attackers and succeeded only in adding one goal – sent in by P. O’Dea. Cork replied with a point and K. Buckley strengthened their position by adding a goal before the full-time whistle.

F. Coen was one of the best players on the field, but the forwards were not able to make good use of the opportunities that she sent their way. K. Cosgrove and H. Murphy rendered good service at midfield for Galway. J. Melvin made up for some early failures by effecting many fine saves in front of the Galway net in the second half, and M. Duggan was the best of the backs.

Cork got their pull from centre mainly through the efforts of K. Coughlan – sister of Eudie Coughlan, the famous hurler. K. Buckley, E. Casey and K. Barry made up a strong attacking division. M. Fitzgerald, M. O’Leary and M. Hegarty were good in defence.

The referee was Detective-Sergeant Cahill, Galway.

Source: Cork Hurling History